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My full name is John Barrs and I live in a small village in the north of Hampshire, UK. Born in Oxford, 1944 I am now therefore in my early sixties. This is a brief résumé of life and interests with links to fuller descriptions in each case

1948-1974: Education: Primary School in Lincolnshire and Hampshire. Secondary School in the New Forest (Brockenhurst), 11 'O-levels' and 4 'A-levels'. First Degree (2:1 Hons Botany) at Southampton followed by research at Southampton. And eventually employed as a lecturer in the department.

1974-1979:Theology: Second Degree (MDiv cum laude) Covenant Theological College, St Louis Missouri and then work at L'Abri in UK

1979-1997:Commercial Computing: 'Hamlet' in Alton, PSL in Worcester Park, SPC in Bracknell, then working from home both self employed and for Superbase Developers Ltd.

1997-now:Incapacitated with ME/CFS

Married Jill in 1974 and now with three boys, Ian, Robin, and Jamie.

Interests: Gardening, Theology, Science Fiction


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